The value of our member vessels


DYNAMARINe has set qualitative criteria for registered members at the Service. Such criteria reflect the organisation's preparedness and safety measures at three different levels, as reflected in the processes, their implementation and communication with personnel onboard ships

All technical operators managing vessels engaged in STS operations have processes already in place. DYNAMARINe registered members have validated processes by experts in safety and commercial operational issues. The validation consists of the process effectiveness with applicable industry standards, the efficiency of implementation onboard ships in line with best industry practices, and the proactive approach of members, towards enhancing training and assessment of seafarers, with respect to STS Processes

The following table presents the services rendered to our member organisations

Better Safety Standards Depend on Reliable Data

Assessing safety in maritime operations requires access to data. DYNAMARINe offers three key components to assist its members when required to assess safety, mainly prior to the commencement of the STS operation. These components are data from OSIS Database, 24x7 Support and DYNAMARINe's technical expertise

The commercial management of STS operations allows little time for preparation and many technical operators and masters need prompt access to reliable objective evidence, in order to support their risk assessments. Additionally, in STS operations there are external STS providers involved whose service is of paramount importance to the master

DYNAMARINe maintains qualitative information for STS service providers and their equipment. DYNAMARINe has access to the management system and records of large groups of service providers, enabling prompt assessment with respect to quality, efficiency and reliability, in-line with OCIMF STS recommendations. The availability of data is therefore of high importance

DYNAMARINe STS services were established in 2011 and make use of accumulated knowledge from thousands of operations performed in roughly 200 different global locations. Therefore, the available objective evidence at OSIS, in conjunction with the expertise of the DYNAMARINe team assists the technical operator in making safer, justified and more thorough assessments

Transparency, a vital ingredient

DYNAMARINe member vessels' experience a limited number of incidents during STS operations, compared to those of the industry, because the master and his technical operator gain access to data related to specific elements, such as the STS location, the involved service provider, the type of the mooring operation, the handling of STS equipment and others. The service rendered to our members is supported by a transparent assessment process, which benefits all involved STS Stakeholders and hence contributes to the improvement of the safety standards of global STS operations

Safety-related findings of OSIS database are openly available on our website for all industry stakeholders along with safety circulars and lessons learned. DYNAMARINe communicates industry best practices through forums, webinars, feedback assessments, and newsletters.


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