[Updated: July 2024 - Next Update: Early August 2024]

The aim of the services is the risk management in Dry Bulk STS Operations by utilizing risk assessment techniques and sensible exercise of due diligence in all safety aspects of the operation.This approach eventually leads to safer STS operations, improves ship owner’s reputation in the maritime industry and consequently increases his commercial competitiveness.

The available services are described below:
  1. Vessel STS plan

    The STS plan is prepared based on the manager’s policies and procedures as well as industry best practices and guidelines in order to ensure that the vessel crew will be aware of the important elements of the STS operations and company procedures. By outlining this information, STS plans ensure smooth execution and minimize risks during the STS operations.

  2. STS Location assessment

    In DYNAMARINe we develop STS location assessments for all STS transshipment locations in line with industry best practices. The location assessment is a critical process in STS operations, involving the careful evaluation of various factors to determine minimum risk, available resources and weather limitations, during close proximity or transfer operations at sea. From ensuring safety and maneuverability to compliance with regulations and environmental considerations, the Location Assessment plays a vital role in facilitating smooth and secure maritime activities.

  3. STS Training for Seafarers

    STS training for seafarers provides essential knowledge and skills necessary for safe and efficient crew performance during STS operations. Our specialized training through DYNAMARINe Training Academy provides to the seafarers the expertise to assess factors such as safety, maneuverability, regulatory compliance, and emergency preparedness, ensuring smooth and secure STS operation. We offer synchronous and unsynchronous STS training for enhancing the competence and professionalism of crew personnel in handling critical ship-to-ship operations.

  4. Compatibility and Risk Assessment

    Vessel compatibility assessment is a crucial evaluation process within STS operations, focusing on determining the suitability and effectiveness of involved vessels. In DYNAMARINe we analyze various factors such as size, stability, and mooring equipment to ensure safe and efficient conduction of an STS operation. By conducting a compatibility assessment, with DYNAMARINe, the Shipowner can mitigate risks and operational inefficiencies, ultimately enhancing the overall safety and performance of vessel operations.

  5. Mooring and fender assessment

    Mooring assessment is a crucial aspect on STS operations, focusing on the assessment and optimization of vessel mooring arrangements. This mooring analysis is evaluating various factors such as environmental conditions, vessel characteristics, and mooring equipment to ensure safe and efficient docking or anchoring. By conducting thorough analyses, with DYNAMARINe Master and crew will enhance the effectiveness of mooring operations, mitigating risks and maximizing operational efficiency.

  6. Record Keeping

    Records of STS operations shall be retained on board for three years and be readily available for inspection. The records consist of the Master feedback form and SOF, as applicable. After completion of the STS operation all the associated forms is being submitted online at OSIS Database for risk management as per SMS procedures.