Audited Organisations

The below table depicts the organizations reviewed till now on the basis of the baseline criteria as shown here. For further information please feel free to contact DYNAMARINe at The directory of STS Service Providers is shown in this link.

How To receive the audit report given to the provider

The Audit Reports are delivered to the provider upon completion of the audit. As of this moment, you may receive the audit report from DYNAMARINe under authorization from the Provider or instead, directly from the STS Service Provider.

The Status process

Setting a level on the status is being awarded after assessing the processes of the organization. Only Audited organisations reveal a relevant level on their Status. Organisations with a "-" mark did not complete the audit and as such their status is not defined.

Assessment includes, without being limited to, an analytical review of the following parameters:

  • Verification of the SPSA
  • ISO accreditation
  • Structure of the organization
  • Past STS experience of the organization and the people
  • Support received from 3rd party and contract assessment
  • Location assessment
  • Quality monitoring
  • Continues feedback assessment
  • Access to technical knowledge
  • STS gear performance, storage, and maintenance
  • Investigating incidents
  • Support to tanker owners prior to the STS operation
  • Technical bulletins


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