STS plan

Our past experience in STS Operations deals with due diligence procedures and Polices developed on the basis of OCIMF/ICS/SIGTTO and best marine practice.

Our STS Plan is developed on the basis of IMO resolution 186 (59). Recently the new OCIMF STS guidelines were published. It is a commercial requirement to have the requirements of the new guidelines reflected in your STS Plan since in the STS clause of your charter party the "Latest OCIMF" guidelines are mentioned.

Within the Plan the following topics are included:
  1. How STS operations should be conducted, according to the best practice guidelines as proposed at resolution 186 (59).
  2. Reporting procedures towards the coastal state, as proposed at resolution 186 (59).
  3. A fender selection policy which covers:
    • Conventional lightering procedures
    • Inverse lightering and
    • Full covered operations.
The fender selection in the STS Plan is customized on each vessel according to her characteristics and results are presented on a tabular basis. Thus, the master will be able to perform a quick calculation as well a quick confirmation on the fender selection made by the STS Operator.

Tabular data with the available Fenders are enclosed in our STS Plan. The fender selection policy takes into account the fender performance data provided by the manufactures and also takes into account any future developments on fender types.

  1. Procedures for STS Equipment storage and maintenance according to standards, in case a charterer decides to permanently supply a vessel with fenders and hoses.
  2. Information resources on preparedness and response to oil spills.
  3. Private response organizations worldwide
  4. Safety and Emergency preparedness procedures.
  5. CFR USA regulations for lightering operations.
  6. Due diligence procedures for evaluation performance of the STS Operators.
There are in total 7 Mandatory Forms included in our STS Plan and also another 9 optional forms on a subject basis. The STS Plan is also supported by a training DVD addressed to the Mariners with Issues related to the new regulation and Procedures. Finally, the plan comes with a second folder in order for the crew to place the completed forms.

The STS Plan will be delivered after obtaining the approval from the flag administration or authorized recognized organizations.
The hardcopy plan is presented with a high quality customized folder. A copy of the Plan will also be delivered to the Managers.

Revision of the sts plan according to new ocimf/sigtto guidelines

Existing plans have been approved by the FLAG or RO on the basis of requirements of IMO MEPC 186(59). There is no statutory requirement to revise the STS Plans; however there is a commercial requirement that is supported by the following arguments:
  1. In all charter party agreements, STS Operations take place according to “Latest STS guidelines”, therefore such commercial requirement has to be also reflected in your SMS and STS Plans.
  2. The new VIQ 6 (March 2014) already issued by OCIMF will include the new STS guidelines and associated requirements. The following is noted at the new VIQ 6. "Operations plan shall be developed taking into account the information contained in IMO’s "Manual on Oil Pollution, Section 1, Prevention and the ICS/OCIMF/SIGTTO/CDI "Ship to Ship Transfer Guide, for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases” First Edition November 2013."
  3. Vetting inspections by oil majors will require to have the new STS guidelines implemented on board your vessels and this is reflected in the SMS through the STS Plan. The content of the STS Guide and FORMS has changed a great deal, and revision of the STS PLAN is strongly recommended.
The benefits from our STS Plan are the following:

  1. We have attached procedures with respect to due diligence concept, thus Ship Owners and Managers mitigate their risk and cover their liability as well as protecting their reputation.
  2. The offered training DVD covers Managers obligation for crew familiarization with respect to the new resolution.
  3. The professional production quality of the manual and the offered training DVD are added value for the Vetting inspections undertaken by oil majors.
  4. The enclosed procedures for the fender selection policy includes a due diligence action towards the services of the STS Operators and also cover all STS operations, (i.e. normal lightering, reverse lightering and full covered transfer) relative to the weather conditions.
  5. The procedures are adopted on companies standards avoiding any duplication of information.
  6. We shall undertake all communication with approval body. The plans will be delivered to you after they are approved.