Frequently Asked Questions On STS

This guide is produced to provide answers to questions associated with the required knowledge of tanker operators and their Masters/Officers for STS Operations. It is almost five years since the ratification of MARPOL Annex I Chapter 8. It was introduced by the IMO to assist in the prevention oil pollution during ship-to-ship (STS) operations. The legislation has inevitably resulted in greater requirements being imposed and made Ship-to-Ship (STS) Operations more complicated for tanker operators. For example, the need for STS Plan is an additional requirement to an area that is already well governed by OCIMF rules and regulations.
MARPOL Annex I Chapter 8 requires the integration of the the STS plan with the Shipowner's Safety Management System (SMS) and thus will be opened to scrutiny in the event of an incident and subsequent legal actions. A tanker operator STS responsibility is not only defined by the existence of an STS plan, they have to take a justified approach that takes into account commercial and safety considerations.
The draft guide has been released on June 2015 to industry representatives for review and comments. The authors, after considering industry’s comments, have prepared the final version which is currently being finalized with the FOREWORD from the UK P&I and quotes from industry representatives, as shown below. Clyde & Co in co-operation with DYNAMARINe will announce and distribute the First Edition of the STS F.A.Q at IFSTS-2016 at London, on 17 March 2016.
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Industry testimonials

What our customers say

"STS operations present a number of risks that have to be properly controlled/mitigated with the implementation of effective risk control measures by all involved parties. In his respect, the STS F.A.Q. is considered as a commendable initiative taken by DYNAMARINe & Clyde & Co which will contribute to enhancing the awareness and knowledge of all stakeholders on the safety, legal and commercial considerations related to STS operations. Our cooperation with DYNAMARINe as regards their STS risk assessment services as well as our joint work in the delivery of STS training courses to our seafarers provides a valuable assistance in our efforts to ensure safe and flawless operations and it is expected that the STS F.A.Q. will be an additional useful tool in enhancing further the STS-related competence of our seagoing and shore personnel."
Mr. Sokratis Dimakopoulos

"The F.A.Q. on Ship-to-Ship transfer is a very good initiative from DYNAMARINe & Clyde & Co. for the industry and more specifically for the officers who are responsible for executing a safe STS operation on the basis of OCIMF guidelines and STS Plan. This publication will assist shipboard practices in due diligence and effective preparedness of crew."
Capt. George Vasilakis

"Reading through the STS FAQ I was impressed on how well it collected and compiled information from multiple sources to give answers to questions that affect operational, safety and planning issues regarding STS operations. I am sure that it will become an invaluable tool for all tankers operators, both ashore, but also onboard for the Masters to gain a better understanding both of the regulatory framework but also of its practical application and the relation of all the parties involved in an STS operation."
Capt. George Asteros

"This effort has produced a deliverable of outstanding quality, considering the complexity and the risk, both physical and legal, associated with ship to ship transfers; the FAQs will provide a reliable source of reference for both the onshore and offshore STS stakeholders in their combined effort to ensure safe transfers."
Capt. Andreas Christopoulos

"This is a document that will be provided to each BSM office managing tankers as a valuable resource for reference when planning for, and conducting, STS operations. Our long experience and satisfaction with Online STS services make this a very welcome addition to our reference library where it will be used often."
Mr. Nick Rich

"The completion and release of this edition, with the thorough, coherent and explanatory coverage of its subject, confirms the positive impression that I have from the provided services of DYNAMARINE in general, consisting at the same time a valuable tool for any person involved in the management of ship to ship operation. The thorough coverage and explanation of all issues and demands arising from the ship to ship operations are being presented in a wide range of definitions, examples and answers to any question may arise, provides knowledge and information of high standard and significant value. I am fully confident for its positive acceptance and recognition from the maritime and scientific community and that it will be widely used by respected professionals as well as from new comers in the maritime industry and will be set as a reference point soon."
Capt. Mattheou Dimitrios
CEO Arcadia Shipmanagement Co ltd and Chairman of Green Award Foundation