DYNAMARINE Academy Course - Maritime Assessor

23-03-2022 09:27:48


DYNAMARINe Academy Training Course: “Maritime Assessor” 28-29 March, 2022


Course aim and objectives: This course provides comprehensive knowledge on the skills and qualifications for conducting on-the-job competency assessment of seafarers while critical vessel operations are performed, through methods and techniques for identifying and closing potential performance gaps and enhancing continual improvement. The course integrates elements of IMO-Model Course 1.30 regarding the qualifications of maritime assessors, as well as the process for conducting competency assessments with reference to OCIMF's TMSA, SIGTTO, SIRE 2.0 & DBMS best practice guidelines regarding technical and behavioral seafarer competency assessments. The course also provides methods reinforcing seafarers' skills with proactive benchmarking for improvement of safe performance and competency standards of seafarers.


Course main elements:

  • Organizing competency assessments
  • Identifying and settling assessment objectives, conditions and standards
  • Competency Assessment methods and techniques
  • Technical Competency assessments
  • Performing on the job behavioral competency assessment
  • Performance measurement and improvement
  • Identification of potential gaps and training needs
  • Development and implementation of a performance improvement action plan
  • Workshops, and final examination

Participation: This training is open to shipping company managers, superintendents, internal auditors, deck & engine senior ship officers as well as office personnel responsible for conducting seafarer planned competency assessments for improving performance. Participants, for successful completion of the course and achieving a certificate of completion as qualified Marine Assessors, are required to prepare and submit during the second day of the training a competency assessment plan verifying performance standard of seafarers, according to rank for which they will be evaluated by the rest of the participants.  

Course duration: 2 days This training program is provided in 12-hours with real time instruction through zoom platform in two 6-hour pre-scheduled interactive learning sessions.

Registration: For registration details please complete the course registration form and forward it to: training@dynamarine.com or contact - Mrs. Angie Panagiotarakou email: invoicing@dynamarine.com Tel: (+30) 210 894 1667

Fees: Euros 350 per day per participant. Discount of 10% is offered to individual participants registering to this course. Group discounts of 15% can be arranged for companies registering 3+ persons. Upon registration, a link shall be provided to participants for accessing the course

Course dates: 28-29 March, 2022

Course Schedule: 10:00 – 17:00 hours daily (including 30 minutes additional time daily for Q & A and completion of classwork)

Instructor: Capt. Titos Giannakakis – Senior Maritime Trainer & Marine Consultant – DYNAMARINe Academy


For further inquiries please contact us: training@dynamarine.com     



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