Webinar on Guide for Assessment of Seafarer Competency Program - 13 April

11-04-2022 07:55:41

This webinar provides an opportunity to participants to become familiar with DYNAMARINe's "Guide for Assessment of Seafarer Competency Assurance Program".

Companies establishing and implementing this program shall primarily enhance safety culture leading to the reduction of incidents whose identified causal factor(s) relates to human element issues.

The Seafarer Competency Assurance Program provides a structured process and pattern for mitigating, or closing short, medium and long term identified seafarer performance gaps through the implementation of comprehensive improvement plans, by the ship operator.

The actions needed for implementation of this program will be highlighted and explained during this webinar for conforming with the clauses of the presented guide and the leading maritime industry guidance for best practices.

The following issues will be addressed during the webinar:

  • Overview of applicable regulatory framework
  • Industry best practice guidance for assessment of seafarer competencies
  • Risk related issues
  • Seafarer competencies matching vessel's types and trading patterns
  • The process of assessing seafarer's performance through a comprehensive competency assurance program
  • Development and implementation of the program
  • Resource requirements

These issues will be explained during the webinar along with how the presented guide can be used to resolve such issues. Real time examples will be presented and analyzed too!


DYNAMARINe Crew onboard this Webinar is:

Webinar Moderator: Mr. Aggelos Zampas, Public Relations and Marketing from DYNAMARINe. Presenters: Dr. Alexandros Glykas and Capt. Titos Giannakakis from DYNAMARINe

Who Should Attend: Vetting department, HSQE department, Operation department, Technical Department, Crew department managers, DPAs, Fleet superintendents, Masters & Senior Deck Officers.

When: 13 April 2022

Max Duration: 45 minutes

Registration cost: Free of Charge. Individual registration takes place through the following form of ZOOM.

Registration to the Session (17:00 Athens Time) : https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_cp5346rXRXSsNzZv2R6lzQ 




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