STS Plans. Considerations for amendment


Alexandros Glykas, DYNAMARINe

OCIMF has made significant changes in the best practice guidelines, as updated ever since their latest edition of 2013. Some of these changes may have a significant impact on STS Operations, especially from the commercial point of view.

Mixed Mooring is an accepted practice by OCIMF as of the latest Mooring and weather threshold criteria of 2022, taking into consideration relevant weather thresholds. As an Organisation, you should consider amending/unifying the STS Plans for your tanker/ LPG/ LNG fleet. Please note the following bullet points. Why does the Ship Manager need to amend the existing STS Plans?

A. Since 2013 (when the new STS guide was introduced) a number of changes have taken related to STS such as:

GDPR Regulation was ratified in 2016 and actions should be included with respect to POAC personal information

Fender Guidelines have been amended from Manufacturers

New Hose retirement Criteria have been introduced by the OCIMF on 2021

MEG4 is in place since 2018

SIRE 2.0 has introduced a number of new requirements on 2022

OCIMF issued new criteria for weather thresholds on 2022

New requirements for STS Service Providers were issued by OCIMF on 2020

New PTB guidelines were issued by OCIMF on 2018

New ISGOTT Publication has been published on 2020

Lessons learned from the organization,

B. In case of an incident the organization?s RISK Assessment and existing STS Plan will be challenged with respect to the above best industry practices

C. The organization needs to adopt specific weather criteria, reflected in the STS plan

D. To comply with the industry SOLAS/ ISM requirements

This short Video presents the above.

Why is DYNAMARINe your best choice for amending your STS Plans?

As you are aware, we are a leading organization in Ship-to-Ship with awareness and support to the tanker owner and technical manager. The following reasons justify that?co-operating with DYNAMARINe is the best choice:

We havea specialization in Ship to Ship which has proved instrumental and pioneering during the last 11 years

We developed a Risk-Based STS plan which complies with ISM and C/P terms towards supporting the owner

We have access to past STS records (objective evidence) and lessons learned from 176 STS Locations

DYNAMARINe has assessed more than 30 incidents/ claims and has incorporated related knowledge in the STS Plan in order to support the shipowner in similar circumstances

In DYNAMARINe we also offer the following STS-related Services

Basic STS Plan Related Work

Vessel STS Plan

Comments on the Risk Assessment of the Operator

Drafting of a new Risk Assessment for the Operator

SIRE 2.0 Related Work

Internal Gap Assessment for SIRE 2.0 Compliance and Best Practices,

Set of 10 Bow-tie diagrams

Supplementary Work and Training

STS Mooring Plans with Mooring Sensitivity Assessment in line with MEG4

Location Assessment

Template JPO

Set of 7 Offline Webinars. Annual Company subscription for webinars available.

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