Screening and Risk Assessment Presentation

09-02-2011 11:34:51

The adopted resolution of IMO MEPC 186(59) introduces the STS PLAN addressed to tanker vessels over 150GT. The plan should embody procedures and policies according to OCIMF/ ICS and Chapter 1 of Oil Pollution Manual, Prevention of pollution. Thus the STS plan should describe the manager’s policies with respect to STS operations as well as notification to coastal authorities. However since the plan may be part of existing SMS, and due to the vetting inspections by oil majors, there should be procedures that would eventually protect owner’s liability especially when 3rd party companies or contractors are involved in the STS operations, such as the STS Operators or the Screening of the participating vessel. In this way managers will exercise effective due diligence and protect owners liability and their exposure during STS Operations.


Date: 21/02/2011

Time: 18:30